I’m not sure what this game is…yet

I’m not sure what this game is…yet

Operation “rip off some n64 models” is a rousing success. I had to download Blender 2.49 because for some reason is just maps the textures better. After editing down the textures as best I could, I was able to get it into a Unity game and have some modern rendering going on. Excellent. 

Tonight’s project was ripping N64 models from the game Areogauge. I got the models but the textures need some…solution. 

I also found some secret smiley faces hidden in unused texture space. Prior to this, I don’t think another soul but the artist himself has seen them. How cool.


I have finished a New Game

Multiverse Tourist


Fuel is unlike any other game I’ve played. 



I draw a lot. These are those drawings.


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